Natron Resources, Inc. provides technical and strategic support for the renewable energy industry. Our staff of Engineers and Project Managers are industry experts with decades of experience. The team has an uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability and delivers the following services

System Engineering

  • Concentrating and flat-plate photovoltaic system electrical and structural design for commercial applications, ground mount systems, and large scale trackers
    • Pre-sales layout and project budgets
    • Stamped and Permit Ready Plan Sets
  • Solar thermal system design for commercial applications
  • Component design for Balance of System hardware
  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) design and specification
  • Rooftop Qualification
  • Structural Evaluation and Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering for Commercial Construction and Remodels

Performance Modeling

  •  Photovoltaic System Performance Prediction and Varification
  • Solar Thermal Performance Modeling with Trnsys
  • Performance Verification and Testing
  • AC Capacity Analysis
  • Data Quality and Collection Requirements

Other Services

  •  Utility Interconnection Studies
  • Product Design
  • Process Development
  • Staff-Training
  • Financial Modeling

Project Management

  •  Site evaluations and recommendations
  • Site discovery
  • commissioning
  • Project oversight and assurance
  • Owner’s agent