Key Staff

Jeff Ansley

Jeff Ansley has over 24 years of experience with renewable energy. His solar career began in East Africa in 1993 with Energy Alternatives Africa, where he installed remote photovoltaic systems and taught residents how to install and service solar equipment. Before founding Natron Resources, Inc., he worked with Sun Light & Power and PowerLight (now Sunpower). He has designed and installed hundreds of photovoltaic and thermal systems for both residential and commercial customers, from domestic hot water and PV to multi-megawatt single-axis trackers. In addition to project management and system design experience, he has worked in product design and manufacturing engineering, focusing on balance of system component design and machine design. He holds two patents in the field of solar hybrid collectors. In addition to his renewable energy background, he has a BS in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan, an MS from UC Berkeley in water treatment engineering, and a MBA from UC Davis. His passions are whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, pig hunting, and bragging about his Chevy Bolt EV. Mr. Ansley is a registered mechanical engineer in California, as well as a registered electrical engineer in AZ, CA, CO, GA, GU, HI, IN, MA, MN, MO, NC, NM, NV, NY, PA, SC, TX, DC, and MD.