Professional Expertise

Expert staff draws on over 100 years of experience

Professional Expertise

Expert staff draws on over 100 years of experience

About Company

Welcome To Natron Resources Inc.

Natron Resources Inc. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and focuses on solar system design and electrical engineering. As costs drop and efficiencies improve, solar energy will play a significant role in meeting the evergrowing demand for energy on our society.

We provide strategic, technical, analytical, design and management services to our clients on time and on budget.

We help our client shorten projects lead time and reduced materials costs so that they can be competitive in the market place.

We provide support to start-up and recent entrants to the renewable industry to help them successful launch their products. Our team of professionals is dedicated to serving our clients with integrity and passion.


Natron Resources’ expert staff draws on over 100 years of combined experience in concentrating and flat-plate photovoltaics and solar thermal, with some of the largest projects in the world to their credit. Our design portfolio ranges from R & D and commercial rooftops to utility scale systems.


  • Shorter lead time and sales cycle
  • Reduce fixed costs to enable margin goals
  • Flexible engineering services to scale with your needs


  • Performance Verification and Testing
  • Data Collection Requirements
  • AC Capacity Analysis
  • Production Forecasting

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